logo-ENEAENEA is the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development. It is a public agency supporting Country's competitiveness and sustainable development, with around 2700 staff employees distributed in 14 research centers all over the national territory, besides the Headquarters in Rome and the ENEA-EU Liaison Office in Brussels. The Agency’s activities are mainly focused on energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, nuclear energy, climate and the environment, safety and health, new technologies, electric system research. Wide-ranging expertise, experimental facilities, specialized laboratories, and advanced equipment are aimed at: developing new technologies and advanced applications; providing public and private bodies with high-tech services, studies, measurements, tests and assessments; delivering training and information activities to increase public knowledge and awareness; supplying higher level of dissemination and transfer of research results.

Dealing with critical raw materials, ENEA is member of eight EIP Commitments on substitution, recovery and mining of CRMs, member of the COST action CA15102 CRM-EXTREME, and core partner of the KIC EIT Raw Materials. Besides EXTREME, ENEA is coordinator or partner of several other projects within the KIC EITRM, such as:
   - RefresCO – Professional Refresher Courses
   - PCRec – Product Centric Recycling
   - OPTNEWOPT – Reduction of the use of rare materials in optoelectronic and photonic devices
In EXTREME, ENEA conducts activities and provides services about design of materials, substitution of CRMs in hard coatings, characterization of substitute materials and functional tests, recycling and LCA. Several ENEA facilities are involved: modeling, high performance computing and ICT services, advanced fabrication and characterization techniques of materials, and recycling technologies.

Website: www.enea.it

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