logo-TecnaliaTecnalia Research & Innovation is the first RTO in Spain, with 7 Business Divisions and more than 1500 experts who work to transform knowledge into GDP, to improve quality of life by generating business opportunities for companies.

The group of Materials for Energy and Environment has expertise on the following activities for EXTREME: advanced surfaces and coatings by wet and dry technologies, and surface modifications; Ionic Liquid Research for design, synthesis and characterization of ILs and IL-based processes, IL electrolytes for electrodeposition of metals, electrochemical recovery of valuable metal recycling, extraction of valuable metals from waste streams; Materials For Extreme Conditions (M4EC) for analysis, prediction, assessment, control and monitoring of corrosion in energy (wind energy, oil and gas, etc.), aeronautic, transport, construction, etc. Accelerated tests are used to predict materials behaviour in final applications, including extreme conditions.

Website: www.tecnalia.com

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