unimiBThe University of Milan-Bicocca (UNIMIB) is a young university and turns 10 years in 2008. It includes 4 Schools and 16 Research Departments and it offers 36 Bachelor's degrees, 30 Master's degrees, 3 single cycle degree courses, 30 Doctorates, 19 Professional Masters, 34 Specialisation Courses. Constant interaction with researchers, corporations, over 200 universities in 24 countries facilitates the high educational standards of the University and these standards match the needs of over 33,000 students.
UNIMIB has over 40 staff members (professors and assistant professors) with expertise on raw materials. Their scientific background comes from different disciplinary areas, such as Biotechnologies, Physics, Chemistry, Natural Sciences, Sociology and Economics. Under a managerial perspective, the Department of Business Administration, Finance, Management and Law (Di.SEA.DE.) has a strong expertise in consulting activities in management and strategic support, business plan and market researches.
Moreover, between UNIMIB-Di.SEA.DE. and the Ministry of Economic Development exists a particularly strong collaboration with the creation of the “Osservatorio Materie Prime” (annual survey on Italian raw materials industry). Since 2012, UNIMIB-Di.SEA.DE. have been presenting the annual economic and financial report on the mining industry in Italy. The survey on raw materials was born to create an organic database in the raw materials industry. The aim is to provide a precise and updated representation of the industry, in order to deepen the knowledge of the industry, and to make the enterprises’ work planning more effective.

Website: http://www.unimib.it

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